About me

Who is Peter Vavrik?

I am a member of the European Parliament’s Directorate General for Presidency where, together with enthusiastic colleagues from Directorate for Legislative Acts (DLA), we provide drafting assistance to Members and other Parliamentary interlocutors to ensure, at all stages of the Parliamentary procedure, the highest possible quality of legislative texts in all languages.IMG_0237

I joined Parliament shortly after my country Slovakia joined the EU in 2004 and worked as a bill drafter until 2009. Since 2010 I have managed the DLA’s policy teams dealing with structural and cohesion policies as well as a number of language teams. In my capacity I actively contributed to the fact that Parliament’s political will is rendered in high-quality legislative acts, in particular during negotiations concerning  numerous legislative files in the field of transport (maritime package, 2nd and 3rd railway package, road haulage package). I also managed teams of DLA lawyers who assisted Parliamentary interlocutors during very demanding negotiations on a large number of MMF (multi annual financial framework) legislative files in the field of agriculture, transport, fisheries, regional development and culture, thus ensuring that EU funds were in place for EU citizens in time.

Realising that global perspective includes more than EU internal policies, I have started looking for opportunities how to expand my expertise towards multilevel governance trying to combine seemingly unrelated research topics: powers of EU and U.S. legislative bodies in the field of international trade and the right of legislative initiative. In 2015 I was awarded the EU Fellowship opportunity and will spend an academic year at the University of Miami.

This page is primarily dedicated to map my activities carried out in the United States during my fellowship at the University of Miami.

It is the first time I tried to set up my own web presence, I therefore hope that you will tolerate its very  basic technical level which I will develop gradually. The starting version 1.0 should be sufficient to begin our communication.

I appreciate very much trust and support of my institution – European Parliament. Although I will do my best to contribute to ongoing discussions as regards the EP role in variety of spheres, such as the international trade negotiations, any opinions or comments expressed on this webpage are my personal views which do not represent the European Parliament’s opinion.